Sesame LIMS

Sesame is a versatile Web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that is in use worldwide from small laboratories to large consortia.

Sesame supports the gathering, organization, processing, and analysis of information from a variety of sources, including databases, bench scientists, laboratory instrumentation, and software packages.

Sesame enables collaborators to participate in a research project, with equivalent access to information and the ability to enter results and process data irrespective of location.

All Sesame modules can be accessed on-line from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. The modules require the Java 8 Runtime Environment (JRE 8) to be installed, and they will run as applications using Java Web Start.

Sesame is freely available. You can use this instance, for free, or install your own.

To start using this instance, click on an icon or on a module name below.

SHEHERAZADE Sheherazade : Wetlab, NMR, Crystallization, Cryo-EM, the Works
SUNDIAL Sundial : Spectrometer Schedules and Time Requests
RUKH Rukh : Y2H Screens and Requests, V Screens, C Screens and HI Assays
JAFAR Jafar : TargetTrack and 2D Crystallization Conditions Browser
JAR Jar : Target Requests
LAMP Lamp : Metabolomics
WELL Well : Crystallization, Cryo-EM, and NMR Screens
BAZAAR Bazaar : Lab Administration